Get over the thinking mode, its time to Act – Your Turn Now

I love reading a lot and had come across an interesting concept – Your Turn Now (YTN) – do a good deed, pass on a card and ask that person to do another good deed and pass on the card. It could be anything small or big – just something nice that would bring a smile on the other persons face. Does the concept make you travel back to your school days – similar to Kho Kho? Exactly. But as is the case with most of us, we read and forget – how busy we have become.

Being an entrepreneur, one basic lesson I have been taught is to network really well. At one of such networking sessions, I got introduced to Rushabh Turakhia – the man behind YTN. He is a diamond trader by profession, but is a Human by nature.

After that networking session, we decided to meet again. I was late, he patiently waited for me, discussed about me and my business before sharing the work he does with YTN. He spends several hours a week meeting people and spreading the YTN concept, maybe personally or over the phone – the YTN group on FB has close to 8000 members from around the world. Yes, Rushabh sends out YTN cards around the globe – a movement he wants the world to be a part of. He spends his personal savings in printing and having these cards sent by courier.

To be able to partially finance the expenditure, he has recently even published a book (by the same name – Your Turn Now – grab your copy here) spreading the movement. So, go grab a copy now.

And this is not all. Even his 8 year old son is spearheading the Ahimsa – In compassion for stray animals movement. (A different story I would come back on, once I meet the young lad)

We all have thought at some point in time to make a difference to the society – this person is living it. So, lets try and take some time out of our busy schedule and make a difference. Just as in democratic country we say – every vote counts, exactly the same way – every smile counts – after all its the only tax free thing on Earth.

Don’t think about it. Just do it. Connect to Rushabh at or let me know and I shall get you connected. Join the movement and help him in any way you can.

This blog is just the start – its Your Turn Now.