Convert that headstart

If you are reading this, you’re probably the limited few who have access to electricity and internet. Probably we are so used to being engrossed in the surrounding that we do not realize how privileged we are for being where we are.

I recently joined ToastMasters International wherein one of the speakers shared his story from living on the footpath across the street to the ToastMasters stage. His story just gave me goosebumps. I feel so lucky to have all the comfort of my life and the ease with which I have access to all such platforms and then there is this person who had nothing to reach where he is today. And what have I achieved inspite of never having to struggle for my bread and butter and have always had a roof over my head.

At a place where I work, I met a 24 year old who lost his Mom at a very young age and his father last month. He has been working since last 7 odd years. He has not been able to pursue his studies because he had to take care of the basic necessities of himself and his younger brother and grand parents. He had to give up on his personal dreams and aspirations to take care of his basic necessities. In all these years, I have had a smooth sailing and have never had to look into my pockets before following my dreams and aspirations.

But have I made it far ahead? Have I made it large enough? Have I been able to convert that headstart to accomplish and achieve something?

Is it not similar to a Test Match where every team looks to have a first innings lead and convert it into a victory. But the true fighter is the other team which fights back from losing out on the first inning and converting that into a win. They are desperate to come back from behind and take a leap to prove themselves.

Or probably the Formula 1 race, where all drivers wish to qualify in the practice tests with the fastest times so that they start the main race with a lead with a headstart. Though the true winners are the one who come from behind to a podium finish, is it not a black mark on the front riders who do not convert their headstart into a win?


It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are from. Whatever lead you have got, in whichever field you wish to excel, the passion that you wish to follow – remember you have that huge headstart over millions of people, access to those resource which majority of the people do not have – convert that headstart & convert that dream and aspirations to reality because if you fail, remember even the tortoise can race ahead of the rabbit. Let us rewrite History and not be that rabbit.



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