I know I have received a lot of love, hate, excitement, anxiousness, stares, criticism, WTF expressions, flak, temporary block dhamki’s during the last 31 odd days. What started as a fun hashtag on the 1st of December continued to become a crazy schedule for the rest of the 30 days. There was no reason behind it. Just like we had the #100HappyDays hashtag, this was just for the fun of it. The #BirthdayMonth was like any another month but just to up the stupidity quotient a bit at the end of the year and not to live the whole year in the same manner, I thought kuch toofaani karte hai. The Birthday was just another day. After all even new year is just another day, all we need is a reason to get together and party and have some extra fun. The birthday and new year are just another reason to splurge or catch up with a long lost friend. Because in our crazy life schedules, it is only occasions that physically bind us together, rest all is virtual.

But there are some good things that happened as well. I am ignoring the part which people claimed to have been annoyed with (common, it was just one post a day and I know many of you secretly looked forward to ab aaj kya daalega ye). I did not have my birthdate posted on FB for last 2-3 years which I changed this year. A lot of old and new friends pinged/ called me to check if everything was fine with me and we got talking, caught up on life and how things have been at our end. People pinged to enquire when my birthday is hoping that it will stop then đŸ˜›

But then birthdays also bring in a few other realisations, how times have changed over the last 27 years. Ye ye, I am 27 and single. With the flurry of wedding/ engagement/ honeymoon posts on my FB feed (atleast one a week) gets me thinking on what am I doing with my life and ofcourse your family, relatives and committed friends just add fuel to the fire (and let’s not forget the new born parents) – and then reality strikes, you’re on the right track Hardik. You do not need to hitch up just because everyone around is or because society thinks its your age to apparently settle down (I still don’t understand why is marriage equivalent to settling down, it more or less unsettles you from your current comfort zone). I would ‘settle down’ when I feel I need someone special to talk to about everything in my life, take a long walk at the beach and play kabaddi with the waves, a long drive just to see the sun rise and fighting for the music to be played, to watch a movie with and cuddle in the corner seat of the theater, cook together in the kitchen and experiment my tasteless food on someone. And that time is just NOT now. I love my own company.

I would rather like someone to ask me, what do you want to do or achieve in the next year, where are you travelling to, what new you plan to do, going back to job or starting of a venture, any social service – and NOT when are you getting married [I am okay with the idea of dating though ;)]

I feel I am more committed to myself this end of 2016. The hashtag post was also about the fact that I would forget it for the first few days to post and then later part of December, I would be excited on what should I post next. It was something I used to look forward to and of course the reactions of the people on my timeline. This year there are several such small changes I tried to bring about in my life. Resolutions on New Year do not help, such small changes daily in my life do. As a friend rightly pointed out, it is more about a bucket list rather than about resolutions. Like I had a bad reputation for never being on time (for no valid reason), so i decided to change that and ensure that I reach before time come what may and have been able to do it and even be vocal about the fact. Brush my teeth twice a day. Eat healthier and more often – I used to always skip breakfast, not even milk and step out empty stomach – now that has changed, a light breakfast is a must. Spend time on myself with a small but daily exercise schedule, joining clubs for communication and leadership skills, etc Be more in touch with people, try and be a little less sarcastic (ok, fine, that is something I do not want to work on), make new friends to hang out with (you do not want to be the kabab mein haddi always)

After spending the whole of 2015 debating whether I should continue with my job or not, I finally called it quits in 2016. I have not had a proper day time paid job in the last 6 odd months, but I am not complaining. It’s given me time again to explore what I want to do and where do I see myself a year down the line (I don’t plan for 5 years). And things have been looking good as I will step into 2017 with several projects on a speed rocket mode. It’s been a great year as it helped me tick off a lot of things from my bucket list, no matter how small they were. The Leh-ladakh trip (immediately after my last working day), bunjee jumping, river rafting at the zanskar valley and at hrishikesh, the solo trip to Golden Temple, the road trip to Coorg, bringing in the new year at Rann of Kutch, watching a movie first day first show. I managed to travel atleast once a month. Life has always been about this small moments of happiness.

There are things I tried to do but failed this year as well. Like wanted to learn a new language, one international trip, writing my personal diary, watch more movies, spend time with friends etc but somehow things did not go as planned so be it. Looking to work on them this year. And not being able to strike up a conversation with complete random strangers.

Heartbreaks? None this year. Phew.

And now, when the hashtag stops with effect from tomorrow, I will miss some of those comments from people, but detachment is part and parcel of life. Isn’t it? We loose touch or interest with several people/ things during the year and somethings do not make it to the next chapter of our lives. People will move in and out of our lives, that’s a reality we need to live with – so let’s deal with it.

I made several new friends over this year, but more importantly I got back in touch with and met so many of my school friends and reliving those childhood days was priceless. Listening to stories on how much things have changed made me realise that we have come such a long way in the last 10 years, Yes it’s been 10 years that we passed out of high school and struggling with the film called Life. And it made me also realise all the stupidity we used to do during school days. Those grades were just a farce and created a divide among people, because there is not a single person I know who has a fucked up life today. Everyone is doing good in what they want to do.

Happy New Year 2017.


Looking forward to more commitments (non matrimonial of course), more adventures, more gossip and catching up more often and healthier, wealthier, fun filled roller coaster ride ahead. It is not about where you are, but in which direction are we headed to.

Signing off the #BirthdayMonth

P.S: Happy to introduce the next hashtag from tomorrow #TheMonthAfterTheBirthdayMonth. Just Kidding.


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