Who does your time belong to?

When was the last time you told someone – ‘Cannot make it for dinner tonight. I am stuck with work’?

Sounds like yesterday right?

Who decides how you allocate your time? There are several articles that float online which say that you cannot have it all. Work, Personal Life, Family Life, Travel and Fitness. The articles and even interviews of famous people go on to state that you can choose 2 of these 5 or maybe at the most 3.

And why is that so. In the quest to become the King/ Queen of a segment we forget that it is ok to be the jack of the rest? Or globalisation and specialisation has gobbled up us upto such an extent that we cannot afford to be the second best.

Why it is not okay to leave office on time regularly? That extra hour because the client demanded so or because your senior forced you to or because you are simply a workaholic or maybe you are eyeing that big promotion later this year post which you plan to slow down; maybe, just maybe. And you actually think that you would be able to bring a change in your life and not get trapped further down in the maze.

And it is not just about work. You can extend the analogy to almost everything. Like the life of most of our parents is limited to and revolves around their kids. They work and save that extra penny so that the kids can study better, go on that annual vacation with them, buy them that birthday gift – what are they doing for themselves. Some liberals may argue that doing so makes them happy but that’s how the society has accustomed them to become.

We at times are not able to allocate equal time to say the least to our parents, the friends with whom we grew up with and even our respective better halves while trying to manage our career aspirations. I have not even touched upon the ‘ME’ space or the fitness goals or our hobbies which lie in some corner of the house in the slam book gathering dust.

When was the last time you just took the car keys and drove down the highway with your friends blasting loud music, when you planned that impromptu dinner with your family, when you cleaned the dust from the guitar or the fungus gathering on your sports shoes.

When was the last time you did something unplanned? Or maybe took that extra effort to plan something from scratch to end to bring that genuine smile on someone’s face. And that sense of satisfaction for your own self.

It is perfectly fine to be ambitious and have career aspirations and being a workaholic and want to climb up the corporate ladder. But just like we have the four elements of air, water, earth and fire, our lives cannot revolve around just one thing come what may.


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We may have an excess of something at a point in time and in deficit in another. And who decides this? Not the circumstances or the situations. That is always the easier way out.

It is you who decide the priorities of your life, you allocate a part of your time to them. Maybe not literally, but subconsciously you do. When you decide to skip the dinner  with your school buddies because you have that extra assignment to complete; you preferred that assignment over your friends – yes, you did not mean to do so and had all the intentions to go but in ‘Life’ intentions do not always count – actions do. You skipped that weekend cricket tournament because you had to attend a distance relatives wedding, you allotted your time to the family function over your personal interests.

Some choices are difficult and some you generally make in a fraction of a second. You do not regret them in a long while to come. You may not even realise that till someone does a reality check and walks out on you giving up on all hopes and expectations. By then probably it is just a tad too late but as the cliche goes, better late than never.

Choose right and remember you live only once. Do the things that make you happy and feel contended and satisfied. Work that extra hour if that is what you crave for but remember that comes at a cost. A year later, your school friends may not be around or maybe that relationship did not see the light of the day because a year back they were not your priority and today you are not theirs.

We always talk about the time value of money, but have you ever measured the money value of time? You can earn the money back, but can you get back the lost time? Somethings do not come with a reset button, and that is Life itself.


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