Perception. Impression. Observation. Judgement.

How often have we heard something about someone from a friend and made a perception of that person, ‘Ohh, acha…matlab woh iss type ka person hai’

So like all of you know I went on this super awesome Jagriti Yatra this year. There were close to 450 yatris on board. And over the 15 day period, we definitely did not find time to interact with all.

But every interaction had another hidden interaction. Several conversations referred to being about another Yatri on board doing some extraordinary job

One such night, we yatris happened to have a debate about the Indian political system and it mainly revolved around BJP vs AAP. And I thought the discussion ended there; but actually it did not. It led to several other political discussions in the days to come and many people whom I did not get a chance to speak to began to perceive that I had a strong political inclination. That became a headstarter for various conversations and many times even an ice breaker.

torna trek

Recently (that is 3 months post the Yatra), I happened to go on a trek with some of the Yatri’s. And suddenly the conversation went back to the Yatra conversations. And I was duly informed that post the debate the perception around the train was that I had a high thinking of myself and came with some attitude – Perception?

How easily we form a perception about another person without even meeting them? Not to blame anyone, because subconsciously I am sure we all might be doing that.

The Yatri then said that after the first introduction enroute our trek his impression about me drastically changed to be a  chilled out dude – based on what I was wearing (shorts and a tee to clarify) and my initial introduction. My journey from perception to impression.

At the end of the trek he had a completely different opinion about me. He observed during the entire day of the interactions I was having, the conversations I made and how I was doing the trek. From impression to observation. Under constant scrutiny of people – CCTV camera attached to me?

On our way back to Mumbai,  he concluded that I was someone whom he would love to be friends with in the future as well. Passing of judgement eh?

But that one trek made me realise how over everyday life is. Every action and/or inaction is looked upon.

Perception -> Impression -> Observation -> Judement – is this how our future equation with a person is based? Probably Yes.


3 thoughts on “Perception. Impression. Observation. Judgement.

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